How do I become an ADA Inspector?

What is ADA compliance, and how do I become an ADA inspector? The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA requires a business to make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. This act provides protection for people with disabilities and offers them equal opportunity to access similar to individuals without any disability. If you operate a business in the United States, it’s important to know when you are legally required to be ADA-compliant. The ADA law applies to your business if your business falls under one of these categories:

. All government agencies – such as local, county, state and federal

. Businesses that rely on the general public

. Charitable and non-profit organizations with more than 15 employees

. Charitable and non-profit organizations that operate for the benefit of the public

. Private businesses with more than 15 employees

To know if your business qualifies under the ADA Compliant act, you need to work with a certified ADA inspector in the area. An ADA inspection should be carried out only by a highly qualified and experienced ADA inspector. An ADA expert will work with business owners, facility managers, realtors, building owners, property managers, and ADA coordinators to make sure their businesses are set up according to the guidelines of ADA. This is important to make sure your employees and customers have a safe and accessible experience.

ADA inspections are usually priced based on an individual scope of work including:

. The number of buildings and floors

. The type and size of the facility

. The age of the building and renovation dates

. Type of business

. Travel distance from the ADA inspectors office

. The completion deadline

. Other specific services requested by the business owner

. Any current litigation

Becoming an ADA inspector is well worth the effort since it offers a rewarding experience to the individual. The first step in becoming an ADA inspector is to find a training organization that provides ADA certification programs. The completion of an ADA Basics course is a prerequisite for this purpose. You should complete at least 40 training credits approved for the Certification Program. You need to get through an online examination to become fully qualified and certified as an ADA inspector. All these requirements need to be completed within three years of registering with the institute to follow the ADA inspector certification program. If you cannot complete the requirements within 3 years of registration, the institution may ask you to extend the period for another year. You should pay $25 to extend the period of the program for another year.

Once you complete all the required credits, you need to pass an examination to be certified as an ADA inspector. The examination is open book and online. You will be called to answer questions of many ADA issues. As an aspiring ADA inspector, you should be able to find the required information to answer the questions. The examination will be designed to mimic the challenges involved in the ADA industry. The ADA training certification is valid for three years from the date of issue. You should renew the certification every three years. When qualifying for renewal, the applicant should:

. Complete a minimum of 10 credits within the three years of the validity of the certificate

. Pay an annual renewal fee of $25

. After the first renewal, the applicant should acquire five credits for each year he/she wishes to renew the certificate

Are you wondering how to become an ADA inspector? If so, you have come to the right place. Becoming an ADA inspector is a rewarding career. The aforementioned article provides information on how do I become an ADA Inspector.