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1. Serves as the primary point of contact for school-related matters.

2. Represents, informs, and assists Command.

3. Assists military families with school issues.

4. Coordinates with local school systems.

5. Forges partnerships between the military and schools.

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For all SLO announcements, offerings, or other news, visit the CYSS News & Events Section.

Families have free access to the Markham School Age Center Computer Lab on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 0930-1330 and also during business hours, Monday-Friday 0730-1630 at ACS.

Online Tutoring for Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve Students. Free 24/7 access from anywhere in the world! Go to to register.


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Other Helpful SLO Links

Department of Defense Education Activity - List of DoDEA school info, parent info, etc.

National Military Family Association - Health and education issues, legislation

Military Child Education Coalition - Conferences, info, e-transfer of records, parent partnerships, education, etc.

Air Force Crossroads - Supporting the Air Force Community

Washington PAVE - Special needs resources

Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights (PACER) - Special Education info and resources

Family Education Network - Special needs resources and induction info

LD On-line - Learning Disability information and support

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities - National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

Dads at a Distance - Designed to help fathers who are business travelers, military men, non-custodial fathers, airplane pilots, etc.


Fairfax County Public School Scholarship Database

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Student Online Achievement Resources


College Bound

Resource List for College Bound Students

The following information is a general list of resources that can assist you in your process of the college search as well as guidelines for where to look for specific information. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list.

1. Federal Student Aid form

2. Federal Publications: Great publications on funding college

3. Department of Education

4. Fairfax County Public Schools

5. FCPS - diploma descriptions

6. College Search engines (Chart Your Course Program (DVD))

7. National Military Family Association: (Lists of scholarships, advocacy for military families)

8. Scholarships for Military children; College;
* Many many more websites thru your own goggle search.

9. Career Counselor Websites through your high school (In FCPS - you can use the Parent View account and keep in Touch to access some school services).


Military Child Education Coalition Reading Links

Military Organizations Devoted to the Military Family

Mobilization / Deployment & Family Readiness Groups
Today's military family faces a lifestyle comprised of frequent deployments, which results in increased family separations. This often proves to be a stressful challenge for military families. To assist the military's efforts to keep both troops and their families prepared, there are several programs which support the readiness of families. The information in this section will assist service members and their families in preparing for and coping with deployments. This site contains family support links for each of the services, as well as information for children, locating service members and deployment entitlements.

Family Liaison Office
As the "Voice of the Army Family", the Family Liaison Office (FLO), located in the Pentagon, fosters two-way communication between America's Army and its families.

National Military Family Association
The Association is dedicated to identifying and resolving issues affecting families of the Uniformed Services through research, education, legislation, and public information.

Fort Belvoir Army Community Service
ACS will assist commanders in maintaining readiness of individuals, families, and communities within America's Army by developing, coordinating, and delivering services which promote self-reliance, resiliency, and stability during war and peace.

Air Force Crossroads
Air Force Crossroads is a website providing Internet-based, one-stop-shopping for family and community needs.

Military Relocation Information Network
This provides a "One Stop" information resource for the military community as they relocate to new homes & cities in the service of the United States.

Military Impacted Schools Association
This national organization is comprised of heavily impacted military school districts--that is, school districts with a high concentration of dependents of military personnel.

Military Homefront
The primary mission of the Military Family Institute (MFI) is to conduct scientifically sound research focusing on military families.

Association of the United States Army
AUSA is a private, non-profit, professional, educational Association of over 100,000 individual, business and organization members dedicated to maintaining a strong national defense with special emphasis on land power and the essential role of the United States Army.

Air Force Association
This is an independent, nonprofit, civilian organization primarily concerned with public understanding and acceptance of the role the Air Force plays in the security of the nation.

Military HomeFront Special Needs / EFMP
This is a network of military special need families that share and exchange a wealth of information in advocating for our families educational and medical needs.

National Parent Teacher Association
The National PTA is the largest volunteer child advocacy organization in the United States. A not-for-profit organization of parents, educators, students, and other citizens active in their schools and communities, the PTA is a leader in reminding our nation of its obligations to children.

Family Service Center
The Family Service Center provides responsive, proactive, and customer-oriented services. FSC's mission is to provide information and referral, education and training, counseling and advocacy to facilitate personal and family self-sufficiency, and to assist commands in achieving operational readiness.

MyArmyOneSource Exceptional Family Military Program
The web site offers Department of Defense (DoD) families with special medical and/or educational needs access to information, resources and each other. The SNN also provides information to family service staff, care coordinators, service providers, and DoD civilian employees.

This web site is an excellent resource for all things related to the military family. From military news to book reviews, from parenting problems to wrestling with the various transitions service members (and their families) experience during the course of a 25-year career or one last hitch - - you can find it all at this site.

The Education Trust
The Education Trust works for the high academic achievement of all students at all levels, kindergarten through college, and for closing the achievement gaps that separate low-income students and students of color from other youth



Scholarship information on the Web

Military Academy Links

U.S. Air Force Academy
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
U.S. Military Academy at West Point
U.S. Naval Academy

ROTC Links

U.S. Air Force ROTC
U.S. Army ROTC
U.S. Naval ROTC

Other Military Specific Links Scholarship Search

Scholarships for Military Children
(Defense Commissary Agency) was developed to support the deployment of the centralized, integrated, and web-based Defense Property System (DPS) which automates most aspects of personal property shipments.

Federal Links (Department of Education)

Student Aid on the Web (Funding)

EScholar (Apprenticeships, Cooperative, Grants, Internships, and scholarships)

Scholarship Scams

You'll be able to avoid scholarship scams. Read the Federal Trade Commission's "Scholarship Scams."

Other Scholarship Resources

College Board Scholarship Search

CollegeNet Mach25 Scholarship Database



National Merit Scholarships

Peterson's Undergraduate Scholarship Search

Presidential Freedom Scholarships

Princeton Review Scholarships and Aid

AP Student Center (Mentor Sites)


Stabilization For Soldiers - High School Seniors

Senior Stabilization

Trauma and Loss

Suggested Reading



To enroll in FCPS you will need to have proof of residency; a rental agreement, house contract or something similar. Also have proof of birth/citizenship for your child; an original birth certificate is optimal but an affidavit with supporting documentation such as a passport or school or medical records are accepted. A physical examination within the last 12 months is needed for kindergarten through sixth grades. Registration has to be done by a parent or legal guardian. You will have to provide the necessary legal guardian paperwork if you are not the child's natural or adoptive parent. If you are the child's guardian, then you will need to register at Parent Central Services (Resource and Referral - Central Registration). Their phone number is located on FCPS Residency and Custody webpage. Natural and adoptive parents may register at the school the child will attend. Call the school for an appointment; plan for the process to take about 45 minutes. An important point to remember, your child will more than likely not be able to start school the day he/she is registered. The school will need to look at his/her records, determine the appropriate placement, and find the optimal location. Registration for children who are not citizens of the United States or fluent in English, or whose families may not be fluent in English register at Parent Central Services (Resource and Referral - Central Registration). Extended family members living with sponsors in government quarters who want to enroll in a Fairfax County School will need to have residency verification from housing or they will have to pay tuition. For more detailed information regarding registration visit the FCPS Registration Website.


PCSing With a School-Ager?

Here's a reminder of things to do before PCSing with a school age child:

Notify the current school of your move and give them the address of the gaining school if you know it. Request a copy of your student's school records. It's nice to have copies to get your child registered in the correct courses before the official transcripts arrive. (You may need to request a copy in advance.) Keep the address of the current school to give to your child's new school so they can formally request copies of your child's records.

Look up your new installation on SITES for registration requirements of the gaining school. See if they have a Youth Sponsorship program for your child to contact. Find out when school starts and arrange any summer vacation around the start date. Keep your child informed about what you find out about the new school and any activities offered. Talk to your child about any concerns he/she has about the new school, required courses, extra curricular activities, making new friends and keeping in touch with old friends.

Hand carry the following paperwork: Shot records, copy of last report card, IEP (if your child has one), copy of school records, birth certificate, social security card, any custody paperwork.

Schedule a school physical as soon as you arrive if one is required to register at the new school.

Register your student as soon as you determine the school he/she will attend. You don't want your child disappointed on the first day of school because the registration process was different than expected.

Keep all paperwork away from the packers!! Put them in their own folder or envelope in a suitcase or bag you are hand carrying. Some people put the items they hand carry in a locked room or closet, in their car, or at a neighbor's home so the movers don't accidentally pack them.

Contact the Fort Belvoir School Liaison Program at 805-2998 for referral to your new installation's School Liaison Program or for information on schools in the area. Good luck on your family's new adventure.

Create a student portfolio-Important for middle and high schoolers. Has your child volunteered for activities at school?...ask for a letter of recommendation from the activity advisor. Has your student participated in JROTC or sports? Ask for a letter from the coach or teacher. Keep these to give to the new school in place of tryouts if possible, or use for college admission and scholarship applications. Better to get the letters while the teachers still remember your child and the accomplishments they have made, than to wait until graduation and trying to get applications together to send.



School and sport physicals are offered at Family Health Center, DeWitt Army Community Hospital for TRICARE Prime Patients. Services include physicals for Kindergarten (transferring students may use a copy of a previous school physical to register for school); Hepatitis B vaccine; special requirements for children returning from overseas; and sports physicals. Appointments can be made for Tuesdays 1700-2000 hours, and Saturdays 1000-1300 hours. Call the Family Health Care Center appointment line at (703) 805-0612.



Your child's immunizations will need to be current. Your child will need to have been immunized against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus (DPT), polio, measles, mumps, rubella (MMR). One dose of DPT and polio must have been given after the child's fourth birthday, and the MMR at 12 months or older. Two MMRs are required. Children born after January 1, 1994 must have 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine. For children born after 1 January 1997 one dose of varicella vaccine is required no earlier than 12 months of age. Bring official documentation of the immunizations such as shot records. Children having lived in a foreign country (except Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand) for five months or more during the last three years will need a PPD skin test or normal chest x-ray within 90 days prior to registration. For more detailed information on immunization go to the FCPS website Registration page . If you can't find your child's shot records, ask your immunization clinic to make a new one from you child's medical records before you leave. It's often easier to take care of things such as this in a place with which you are familiar, know whom to contact and where they're located. Remember these immunizations are for your child's safety. All children entering kindergarten must have a school physical within the last twelve months to enroll in school. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Make appointments early for a physical to avoid delay in your child's starting school. Students transferring from a U.S. school may submit a copy of a previous school physical to meet the registration requirements. Please note: The code of Virginia now requires that after July 1, 2001, all children receive the Hepatitis B vaccine before entrance into 6th grade.



I receive many inquiries as to the best schools in the area. From personal experience I know the importance of choosing a location in which to reside in large part rests on the quality of the schools. However, I must say I cannot make a judgment of the best school choice for any family but my own. The schools in this area offer quality programs and many choices, and choosing from the 300 schools in the local area may depend on your ability/willingness to commute, your budget for housing, and your choice of urban or suburban lifestyles. The first factor in many families' decision in schools may be the Fort Belvoir housing waiting list and knowing their child will attend Fort Belvoir Elementary School (or Whitman Middle and Mount Vernon High Schools) run by Fairfax County Public Schools. The elementary school was built to accommodate students living on Fort Belvoir. I am often asked if an exception to policy can be made for families on the housing waiting list, but not yet assigned quarters. The current policy allows for exceptions to be made for up to 30 days if the family has a statement from the housing office that quarters will be assigned within 30 days. Currently, the elementary school is utilizing temporary trailers to house 3 full time class rooms and 2 trailers for special activities. The school administration has eliminated the pupil placement program for new students because of the over crowding. However, I recommend families contact the school to find out the current status on attendance exceptions.

My first recommendation for families looking for a good school has nothing to do with choosing a school. It is to be as involved in their child's education as possible. No matter how good a school's reputation or types of programs offered, the most important factor in a child's success in school is their parents' participation in their education. Get to know their teacher, find out how homework is assigned, how to turn it in, when projects are due, and when tests are scheduled. Make sure the school has up to date phone numbers. Join the PTA, volunteer in school, and know your child's friends.

Second, what are the unique circumstances of your family? The grade of your student, length of time you will live in the area, and any special needs your family has all factor into school choice. If your family will only be in the area for 3 years and your child is starting kindergarten, you may not be concerned with the high school's curriculum, while a parent of a rising 6th grader will want to know about the middle and high schools' courses and requirements, and how the courses offered will transfer to a new school district in 3 years.

Third, when evaluating a school look a the academic, recreation, sports and other special programs offered. The school size, and staff willingness to accommodate any special requests or needs you may have, or that fit the temperament of your child, should also be considered. Some children will do well in a large school with lots of choices, while others may be better suited to a smaller school where the staff know the student by name. There are magnet schools, focus areas, and special programs offered at different locations. Does your student want to attend a school that focuses on language, math, science, or JROTC? Those options are all available in this area.

Fourth, go to the schools' home webpages and look at how the schools perform on nationally normed tests. The test results should be evaluation in a picture of the total school. Is there a large English as a second language population, or a high mobility rate? These students may not perform on traditional tests as well as other students, but it doesn't mean the school is not good. Look at the schools' support staff, special programs offered, and curriculum descriptions.

Finally, if you are able to stop by the school before you make your final decision go and get a feel for the school, and ask your child what they think after meeting the staff and looking around.


Fairfax County Public Schools Visitor Procedures

All visitors must sign-in at the main office of the school they are visiting and show some form of identification. The school staff will then issue a numbered visitor badge that must be clearly displayed while the visitor is in the school. When the visit is complete, the visitor must sign out of the school office and return the badge. This policy applies to all visitors, volunteers, and parents who enter any school in Fairfax County. Fort Belvoir Elementary School has implemented this policy and all visitors are to report to the main office where the Administrative staff will assist with signing in and issuing identification badges. Students who arrive at school after 9:10 am should be signed into the Tardy Log by their parent, and the parent will be issued a badge to wear while they walk their child to class.

Early Release of Student procedures are also in effect. Parents who wish to check their student out of school prior to 3:30 should report to the office and complete the Early Dismissal forms and sign the Early Dismissal Log book. Identification must be presented to the Administrative staff prior to the child being released. Children will not be released while buses are being loaded. It places too much stress on the staff who are trying to ensure children are safely and correctly loaded onto the correct buses. While these procedures may seem cumbersome it is for the safety of our children these policies are in place. Planning an additional few minutes to pick up your student is well worth the safety it provides. The school staff appreciates parent cooperation with these very important safety policies. For further information on school policies contact the school your student attends or the School Liaison Office at (703) 805-9117.



To enroll in FCPS kindergarten a child has to be age 5 on or before September 30 of the year he/she enters school. If you do not want your child to attend kindergarten you need to notify the school in writing. A birth certificate is required to register but a baptismal record, hospital record, or passport may be used to support an affidavit giving the student's age and explaining the reason you are unable to present a birth certificate. You will need proof of residency and your child will need a physical exam. Immunizations are required. For more information on the kindergarten program, such as philosophy and curriculum go to the FCPS Kindergarten webpage.



Graduation requirements require at least 22 credits as follows:

Standard Diploma 22 Credits:
English 4 credits
Mathematics 3 credits- At the Algebra level and above, must include at least 2 of the following: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II (or others above the Algebra and Geometry level)
Laboratory Science 3 credits-Must include selections from at least three different science disciplines of Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics
History and Social Sciences 4 credits-U.S. and Virginia History, U.S. and Virginia Government, and World History/Geography/Geography I and World History/Geography II. (AP World History satisfies the requirement of World History/Geography II)
Health and Physical Education 2 credits
Fine Arts of Practical Arts 1 credit
Electives 5 credits- Must include at least two sequential electives
**Verified Credits-6 (for students in the classes of 2004-2006, from above complete courses-2 from English, 4 from student selected courses)

Advance Diploma 24 Credits
English 4 credits
Mathematics 4 credits- At the Algebra level and above, must include at least 3 of the following: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II (or others above the Algebra II level)
Laboratory Science 4 credits-Must include selections from at least three different science disciplines of Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics (Or completion of the sequence of science courses required for the International Baccalaureate Diploma)
History and Social Sciences 4 credits-U.S. and Virginia History, U.S. and Virginia Government, and World History/Geography/Geography I and World History/Geography II. (AP World History satisfies the requirement of World History/Geography II)
Health and Physical Education 2 credits
Fine Arts of Practical Arts 1 credit
Foreign Language 3 Credits
Three years of one language or two years of two languages.
Electives 2 credits- Must include at least two sequential electives
**Verified Credits-9 (for students in the classes of 2004-2006, from above complete courses-2 English; 2 Math; 2 Science; 2 History/Social Science; 1 student selected)

Modified Standard Diploma 20 Credits: (Eligibility determined by the student's IEP)
English 4 credits
Mathematics 3 credits- From Algebra, Geometry, Personal Finance, and Statistics.
Science 2 credits-From Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics
History and Social Sciences 2 credits-U.S. and Virginia History, U.S. And Virginia Government
Health and Physical Education 2 credits
Fine Arts of Practical Arts 1 credit
Electives 6 credits- Must include at least two sequential electives
Tests- 8 Grade SOLs in English and Math

**Verified Credits
Students who pass end-of-course tests for specified classes will receive a verified credit in tat course. Verified credits may be earned in courses for which end-of-course SOL tests are given.

FCPS Graduation Requirements.



There is a very active Partners in Education (PIE) program at Ft. Belvoir. 15 Ft. Belvoir organizations are partnered with 11area schools. Soldiers and civilian employees are authorized to volunteer in their partner school during duty hours up to 30 minutes a week, with 30 minutes authorized for travel. The program is successful because of the dedication of program directors and military commanders willing to make a commitment to education. Most of the military PIE coordinators on Fort Belvoir have taken the commitment on as an extra duty for this voluntary program.

Department of the Army Guiding Policy

The most recent guidance was issued in 1999 when the Secretary of the Army and the Army Chief of Staff issued a Memorandum in support of the Secretary of Education's Fifth Annual America Goes Back to School Initiative. The memorandum encouraged the Army community to increase support for partnerships with schools at home and abroad; urged Army families to participate in their children's schools; and reiterated Army policies of soldier and civilian volunteering in schools during duty hours to foster stronger links between the Army and community schools.

Local Policies

Fort Belvoir Standing Operating Procedure (includes mentor and tutor job descriptions)
MSWord Format
PDF Format

Sample Partner in Education Memorandum of Understanding
MSWord Format
PDF Format

Sample Coordinators' Training Class Outline
MSWord Format
PDF Format

Goal of the Fort Belvoir PIE Program

The goal of the PIE program is to enhance the education environment of our country's youth through business and volunteer involvement. It is not the goal of the program to be a financial resource, although some activities may be fund raising events. Volunteers do not have to have special skills to participate in the program. Some volunteer duties have included reading to students, listening to students read, relating experiences traveling to another country, providing after school enrichment, and sponsoring essay contests and science fairs to name only a few. Schools have reciprocated in the partnerships by assisting with recycling, singing at Garrison events, providing Christmas decorations for the hospital, and participating in EEO presentations. The program is very beneficial to the students who are getting a little more individualized attention and volunteers who get personal satisfaction through positively impacting a child's life. The organization benefits from an improved education and quality of life for its employees.

Benefits of the PIE Program

*Tutors and mentors for extra help and attention with students
*Help with families who may need extra help. (Donated school supplies, gifts and food at holidays, places where youth can seek employment.)
*Program enrichment
* Increase in resources for curriculum and supplies
*Increase in community awareness of school and education issues

*Increased adult attention through mentors and tutors
*Positive role models
*Enhanced awareness of career opportunities
*Increased positive self image

*Builds pride and self-esteem of employees
*Positive impression of military in uniform in our schools
*Improved education to future labor pool for civilians and Army
*Positive image of Army in community


Fort Belvoir Partners

SchoolPartnered With:
Fort Belvoir Elementary School

Defense Mapping School;
US Army Intelligence and Security Command
Fort Belvoir; Headquarters Battalion

Woodlawn Elementary School DeWitt Army Health Care System;
Joint Personal Property Shipping Office, Washington
Woodley Hills Elementary School

Directorate of Personnel &Community Activities;
Directorate of Installation Support

Walt Whitman Middle School 12th Aviation Battalion
Fred Lynn Middle School Equal Employment Opportunity (Hispanic Employment Program)
Hayfield Secondary School Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate
Mount Vernon High School

Public Affairs Office
Army Management Staff College

Quander Road High School Staff Judge Advocate
Bryant Adult Alternative High School Defense Acquisition University
Washington Mills Elementary School Family Life Program
Hybla Valley Elementary School PMIF



School Coordinator
* Keep principal updated*
*Meet and establish relationship with unit coordinator*
*Coordinate objectives with unit coordinator
(based on school plan, unit resources)*
*Meet with school committee/staff*
*Place volunteer tutors/mentors*
*conduct appropriate checks on mentors/tutors*
*Ensure volunteers sign in/out*
*Make changes/additional requests early*
*Complete FCPS annual evaluation*

Unit Coordinator
*Keep Commander/Supervisor updated*
*Recruit volunteers*
*Record keeping: numbers of volunteers; hours; activities*
*Coordinates w/school counterpart*
*Assists with program coordination and planning*
*Promotes program to unit*
*Attends committee meetings*
*Coordinates unit committee meetings*
*Submits monthly and annual reports to SLO*
*Completes FCPS annual evaluation*

Steering Committees

*Members Unit Coordinator, volunteers in your unit*
* Members may not have time to go into schools but could give ideas, ways to access resources, do in house record keeping*
*Meets monthly*
*Host an orientation for your school counterparts*
*Keep notes, publish to your unit*

*Members School Coordinator, other interested staff
(usually counselors, assistant principals)*
*Review school plan and set goals*
*Develop objectives*
*Reviews school calendar and coordinates upcoming events*
*Meets monthly*

General Steering Committee
*Members Unit and school Coordinators, SLO, IVC,EFMP*
*Share information*
*Brain Storm*
*Coordinate resources*
*Monthly reports*
*Review upcoming events*

There is an annual coordinators' training in August for the military organizations' coordinators. In addition, each of the partner coordinators from the schools and organizations make up the General Steering Committee which meets monthly during the school year. The committee gives monthly reports on completed activities, announces upcoming events, brainstorms activities and shares resources. The coordinators work with each other to develop objectives for the school year in support the Goals 2000 education initiative. Objectives are based on the schools' five year plans. For example, if as part of the school's five year plan is to raise science test scores, then their partner may commit to sponsoring and judging a science fair. All objectives are determined between the school and their military partner.


Possible Activities
(Based on School Needs/Five Year Plan and Business/Unit Resources)

Student Contacts: Mentoring, Tutoring, Reading, Lunch Buddies Special Events: Field Day, Career Day, Job Shadow, Guest Speakers, Science Fair Judging, Essay/Art Contests, Sponsor Field Trip

Resource Support:Grocery Receipt Program, Campbell Soup Labels Adopt-a-Family Building Spring Clean Up

Logistic Support: Print School Handbooks, translate into foreign language, Donation of Excess Supplies

Staff Development: Invite staff to Unit/Business Trainings, special events, EEO programs


Special Events: Invite Commander/Supervisor to Tour School, Open House, Graduation
Assist Business with Special Events: Earth Day, Founders Day
Donate Art Work
Provide Choir/JROTC color guards
Invite to Holiday Lunches
New school year kickoff event
Thank you reception at end of year


CYSS Registration

Visit the CYSS Forms section to learn how to Register for Child, Youth & School Services.

* Due to continuous high traffic and demand for services,  Parent Central Services is operating by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call 703-805-1908 to schedule your appointment or ask any questions. Walk-ins are accommodated if possible but appointments have priority and walk-in wait times can easily exceed 3 hours. Please schedule your appointment today.

CYSS Latest News

For any CYSS announcements, time changes, or other news,
please visit the CYSS News Section.

Make Online Payments

Start new registrations, make payments on your monthly childcare fees, reprint receipts and tax statements, or sign up for advertised SKIES Unlimited classes, Youth Sports or Special Activities. Log onto the Webtrac Payment System.

CYSS Newsletter

Current CYSS Newsletter for March 2014 (downloadable pdf version)

CYSS Forms

For Registration and Other Services

Download Instructions
This section contains forms and documents in pdf format. Most computers are naturally able to view these type of files. Although it is possible that your computer may need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. Click the links to view the files. To download, Windows users should hold down the right mouse button and select "Save Link As" in Firefox or "Save Target As" in Internet Explorer and then select a place to save the file. Mac users should hold down the Control key (ctrl), and click the mouse button on the desired link until a menu appears. Select "Save Link As" in Firefox or "Download Linked File" in Safari and select a place to save the file.

CYSS General Documents
1. Nut Allergy Awareness ** NEW **
2. School Liaison Office
3. Youth Sports Activity Calendar
4. Parent Handbook

All of our local forms have been removed for updating. If the form you are looking for is not listed above, check the online forms section on our Webtrac system. See the instructions below on how to access these forms on our online system.


To access online forms on the Webtrac system:

1. Log in to your account or click the button [Sign In As A Guest]
2. On the dropdown menu, locate the "Forms - Link" menu item

Click HERE to go directly to the Webtrac system.

If you need further assistance, please contact our Parent Central Services office at 703-805-1908 or send an email to

Bring the completed registration documents to the Parent Central Services office located at the Markham School Age Center, Bldg. 950, 9500 Barlow Road.  Waitlist/Request for Care paperwork may be brought into the PCS office,  faxed to (703) 805-9113 or submitted via email at

CYSS Office Contacts

CYSS Administrative Offices
Child, Youth, and School Services administrative offices are located at the Markham School Age Center Bldg. 950, 9500 Barlow Road. Telephone numbers are as follows:

Office Numbers:
CYSS Coordinator - (703) 805-9149
Registration Office - (703) 805-1908
Outreach Services Director - (703) 805-1909
Youth Sports Director - (703) 805-9139
School Liaison Office - (703) 805-9119
Family Child Care Office - (703) 805-9137/9132
Food Service Office - (703) 805-9141
Web Master/Webtrac Tech Support - (703) 805-1907/9144

Fax Numbers:
Parent Central Services (Resource and Referral - Central Registration) - (703) 805-9113
Administration Office - (703) 805-9150

Parent Participation

Parent participation is highly encouraged in all CYSS programs, and is actually necessary for some activities to be successful. There would not be a Sports program without the dedication of volunteer coaches. Some ways parents participate in child care programs may include eating lunch with their child and participating in various room activities (prior arrangements must be made with your child's teacher). Parent Advisory Boards (PAB's) operate at all the Centers and are open to all parents. Through the PAB, parents provide valuable input to the programs in which their children spend a significant portion of their day. To encourage parent participation, the "Why I'm Needed" (WIN) program allows parents to earn points through volunteering opportunities at the centers, or attending parenting classes through the Family Advocacy Program.

The WIN Program: This is a special program that enables parents to earn up to a 10% discount on their 1st child's monthly child care fees at the CDC or SAC. Parents perform essential tasks for the CDC or SAC and earn a specific number of discount points. Each discount point is worth 1 percent each up to a maximum of 10 discount points which is 10%. These discount points may then be applied towards child care fee. Check with the CDC or SAC front desk staff for more information.


Eligibility to use CYSS programs include active duty military personnel, DoD civilian personnel, reservists on active duty for 72 hours or more, and DoD contractors working on Fort Belvoir. Military retirees are only eligible for our sports programs and our free Middle School and Teens program. Because child care programs are offered for the sponsor to report to work so that the Army can meet its mission, eligibility to use Fort Belvoir child care programs ends upon End Term of Service (ETS) of sponsor, termination of sponsor's DoD employment or DoD contractor's employment on Fort Belvoir. A thirty-day grace period is authorized to find alternate care. All patrons must register with Parent Central Services (Resource and Referral - Central Registration). The Parent Central Services (Resource and Referral - Central Registration) phone numbers are (703) 805-1908.

CPAC NAF Job Listings

Please visit the CPAC Human Resources to view the CPAC NAF job listings.


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