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Parent Central Services

Effective 11 March 2015

Parent Central Services Office will be open:

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 0600-1600 for appointments and *walk-ins; only appointments will be taken between 1600-1800

Tuesdays and Thursdays 0800-1600 for appointments and *walk-ins

*Reminder: Appointments have priority over walk-ins. Currently, PCS is experiencing wait times of up to two hours. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

The Parent Central Services office (Central Registration / Resource and Referral) will schedule an appointment and provide parents a registration packet which must be completed prior to the appointment. In addition to the registration packet, parents need to bring documentation of up to date immunizations, and Single and Dual Military must provide a copy of their Family Care Plan. Children with special needs will need to be screened by the Special Needs Resource Team, prior to registration, to determine the best placement for the child. A health assessment must be completed within 30 days of the start of program participation. Registration is free, but must be updated annually.

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Bldg 950, 9500 Barlow Road, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060 map

Information, Appointments, and Waiting List
(703) 805-1908

Click >> HERE << for information on how to schedule an appointment online.

(703) 805-9113

0600 to 1800

0800 to 1600

2nd Wed / Month
1000 to 1130 for Training

Closed Federal Holidays

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Need an appointment? Want to schedule an appointment online? Send a calendar request from your personal or work email calendar. Chooose your date/time and add the email address as an invitee. Allow 30 minutes for each child for initial CYSS registrations and 15 minutes for enrollments into childcare, sports, or SKIES. Parent Central Services will respond within 48 hours with a confirmation of your appointment date and time. To achieve the greatest success with scheduling an appointment, please provide two alternate dates and times. PCS will work to accommodate your busy schedule. (CYSS also suggests to copy and paste the address, and add it to your contacts)

Please contact PCS management staff, if you have an extenuating circumstance that requires an appointment outside of normal operating hours.

Current Programs

The Child Liaison Education and Outreach Services (CLEOS) program includes the Central Registration and Resource and Referral Offices, which is now known as Parent Central Services. Parent Central Services offers a one stop registration program for all Child, Youth, and School Services (CYSS) activities including Youth Center, Youth Sports & Fitness, Child Development Centers, the School Age Center and Family Child Care. In addition, the program can assist scheduling short-term alternative child care for special events. When there is more demand for child care on Fort Belvoir than there are available child care spaces, Parent Central Services maintains a centralized waiting list to ensure the most efficient and prompt placement in care when vacancies occur.

Forms for requesting care to include full day, part-day, hourly, before/after school or summer camps can be down loaded from our CYSS Forms download section submitting one for each child. After completing the forms, they can be dropped off at the Resource and Referral Office. For additional information and resources for child care, go to the Childcare Aware of America website at

Request for Childcare

Central Enrollment for Child Care
When parents decide they need child care, either full or part day through a Fort Belvoir CYSS program, a Request for Care form must be completed. A birth certificate for each child, as well as documentation of eligibility to use CYSS programs, described later in this page, must be presented at the time of the request.

Excess Demand Waiting List

If no space is available in any Fort Belvoir CYSS program based on the child's age and service requested, the child's name will be placed on the CYSS Excess Demand Waiting List according to the date care was requested and the family's priority. When a child's name comes to the top of the waiting list, and there is a space available in that age group regardless of the program, the parent will be notified and offered the slot. The parent has 24 hours to accept or decline the slot. If the parent accepts he/she has 72 hours to pay the registration fee and two weeks to complete the registration process and begin the program.

Preference for Care Waiting Lists

If the slot offered the parent at the time their child's name reaches the top of the Excess Demand Waiting List is not their preferred child care option, they may request a preference for care. They must notify the clerk when the slot is offered they wish their child's name to be placed on the Preference for Care Waiting List. The child's name will be placed on the list based on the date the parent accepted/declined the first offered opening and stated their preference. (For example, if a slot opens at the School Age Center, but a parent prefers Family Child Care, then the parent may choose to accept/decline the SAC slot and request an FCC slot as their preference. The child's name will then be placed on the Preference for Care List at that time with that date.) Preference for care must be requested at the time the excess demand slot is offered. Preference for care is available one time only, and is used when parents are offered their requested preference, regardless whether the slot is accepted or declined.

Parent Central Services (Resource and Referral - Central Registration) staff cannot give parents the number their child is on the waiting list, nor can they give a time frame in which care will be offered. If the staff tells a parent they are number seven for a program, but two families arrive with higher priority, they will be bumped down the list. Also, the amount of time on the list depends on the age group of the child, whether it is a high PCS time of year, and whether there are a lot of children in that age group. (Seems to be a lot of children born nine months after large deployments and blizzards.) What the staff can tell you is Infant and Toddler lists have long waits, and Kindergarten and Before and After School waiting times are seasonal. It is highly recommended that parents find alternative care no matter which age group the child is in.

Waiting Lists Updates

Parents are required to update their information for all waiting lists every three months to ensure phone numbers are correct and that child care is still needed. The updates ensure valuable time is not used trying to contact families who have moved or who have decided they no longer need care on Fort Belvoir. In addition, correct phone numbers are needed in order to contact parents to offer an available child care slot. Children's names will be dropped from all waiting lists if information is not updated. Parents must then reapply and their child's name will be placed on the list according to the date of the reapplication.

CYSS Priority for Care

Priorities for care are established when waiting lists exist for child care. Fort Belvoir has established a 3 tiered priority system as outlined in the Garrison Commander’s attached letter.  Documentation is required to verify priority including orders assigning military to Fort Belvoir duty or housing, LES of working spouse, verification of full time volunteer assignment or verification of full time enrollment in school. Priority for Care may only be used one time per family per child. Priority is forfeited if parents decline a vacancy except when moving to the Preference for Care Waiting List.

GC School Year (SY) 2014-15 Fees and Fee Policy Letter


CYSS Registration

Visit the CYSS Forms section to learn how to Register for Child, Youth & School Services.

* Due to continuous high traffic and demand for services,  Parent Central Services is operating by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call 703-805-1908 to schedule your appointment or ask any questions. Walk-ins are accommodated if possible but appointments have priority and walk-in wait times can easily exceed 3 hours. Please schedule your appointment today.

CYSS Latest News

For any CYSS announcements, time changes, or other news,
please visit the CYSS News Section.

Make Online Payments

Start new registrations, make payments on your monthly childcare fees, reprint receipts and tax statements, or sign up for advertised SKIES Unlimited classes, Youth Sports or Special Activities. Log onto the Webtrac Payment System.

CYSS Newsletter

Current CYSS Newsletter for March 2015 (downloadable pdf version)

CYSS Forms

For Registration and Other Services

Download Instructions
This section contains forms and documents in pdf format. Most computers are naturally able to view these type of files. Although it is possible that your computer may need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. Click the links to view the files. To download, Windows users should hold down the right mouse button and select "Save Link As" in Firefox or "Save Target As" in Internet Explorer and then select a place to save the file. Mac users should hold down the Control key (ctrl), and click the mouse button on the desired link until a menu appears. Select "Save Link As" in Firefox or "Download Linked File" in Safari and select a place to save the file.

CYSS General Documents
1. Nut Allergy Awareness ** NEW **
2. School Liaison Office
3. Youth Sports Activity Calendar
4. Parent Handbook

All of our local forms have been removed for updating. If the form you are looking for is not listed above, check the online forms section on our Webtrac system. See the instructions below on how to access these forms on our online system.


To access online forms on the Webtrac system:

1. Log in to your account or click the button [Sign In As A Guest]
2. On the dropdown menu, locate the "Forms - Link" menu item

Click HERE to go directly to the Webtrac system.

If you need further assistance, please contact our Parent Central Services office at 703-805-1908 or send an email to

Bring the completed registration documents to the Parent Central Services office located at the Markham School Age Center, Bldg. 950, 9500 Barlow Road.  Waitlist/Request for Care paperwork may be brought into the PCS office,  faxed to (703) 805-9113 or submitted via email at

CYSS Office Contacts

CYSS Administrative Offices
Child, Youth, and School Services administrative offices are located at the Markham School Age Center Bldg. 950, 9500 Barlow Road. Telephone numbers are as follows:

Office Numbers:
CYSS Coordinator - (703) 805-9149
Registration Office - (703) 805-1908
Outreach Services Director - (703) 805-1909
Youth Sports Director - (703) 805-9139
School Liaison Office - (703) 805-9119
Family Child Care Office - (703) 805-9137/9132
Food Service Office - (703) 805-9141
Web Master/Webtrac Tech Support - (703) 805-1907/9144

Fax Numbers:
Parent Central Services (Resource and Referral - Central Registration) - (703) 805-9113
Administration Office - (703) 805-9150

Parent Participation

Parent participation is highly encouraged in all CYSS programs, and is actually necessary for some activities to be successful. There would not be a Sports program without the dedication of volunteer coaches. Some ways parents participate in child care programs may include eating lunch with their child and participating in various room activities (prior arrangements must be made with your child's teacher). Parent Advisory Boards (PAB's) operate at all the Centers and are open to all parents. Through the PAB, parents provide valuable input to the programs in which their children spend a significant portion of their day. To encourage parent participation, the "Why I'm Needed" (WIN) program allows parents to earn points through volunteering opportunities at the centers, or attending parenting classes through the Family Advocacy Program.

The WIN Program: This is a special program that enables parents to earn up to a 10% discount on their 1st child's monthly child care fees at the CDC or SAC. Parents perform essential tasks for the CDC or SAC and earn a specific number of discount points. Each discount point is worth 1 percent each up to a maximum of 10 discount points which is 10%. These discount points may then be applied towards child care fee. Check with the CDC or SAC front desk staff for more information.


Eligibility to use CYSS programs include active duty military personnel, DoD civilian personnel, reservists on active duty for 72 hours or more, and DoD contractors working on Fort Belvoir. Military retirees are only eligible for our sports programs and our free Middle School and Teens program. Because child care programs are offered for the sponsor to report to work so that the Army can meet its mission, eligibility to use Fort Belvoir child care programs ends upon End Term of Service (ETS) of sponsor, termination of sponsor's DoD employment or DoD contractor's employment on Fort Belvoir. A thirty-day grace period is authorized to find alternate care. All patrons must register with Parent Central Services (Resource and Referral - Central Registration). The Parent Central Services (Resource and Referral - Central Registration) phone numbers are (703) 805-1908.

CPAC NAF Job Listings

Please visit the CPAC Human Resources to view the CPAC NAF job listings.


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